About Me

Hi, hey, hello! I’m Andrew Zuckerman. Some people call me Zuck!

I recently graduated Harvard and studied CS. I’m not very good at About Me’s, so instead here’s a short list of bullet points about my time in between school:

  • I took 3 gap years throughout my college journey…
    • In the first one before freshman year, I interned at Hive (which is where I work today 7 years later!), farmed in California with WWOOF, and traveled through SE Asia
      • Oooh, and I started a YouTube channel called Zuck That back then making short explanatory films
    • In the two years I took off before senior year, I served as Executive Director of a research nonprofit called Qualia Research Institute
    • I also had Long Covid during those two years (which was one of the most incredibly challenging things I’ve experienced). Fortunately, I’m all better now, though it was a long journey to get back to good mental and physical health. Very happy to connect and talk with anyone experiencing Long Covid / post-viral illness
  • Besides that, my favorite class at college was called Free Will, Responsibility, and Law. I took that with Professor Joshua Greene
  • Here is a page of Things I like from back in 2017
  • While these pages were not updated in the last couple years, at this link, you’ll find lists of people whose blogs I liked and who I found interesting

If you’d like to get in contact with me or hire me for independent projects or consulting, email: azuckerman at college dot harvard dot edu 🦭